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    DLP Resin Printer 

    Color Print Speed: 30mm/hour
    Model Number: D7 1.5 version
    CE Certification: Yes
    Brand Name: WANHAO
    Color Print Speed: 30mm/hour
    Model Number: WANHAO Duplictor 7 V1.4
    Max Print Speed: 30mm/hour
    Max printing area: 120*68*200mm
    Software: Creation Workshop
    Accuracy: 0.004mm
    Resin type: 405NM UV resin
    Resolution: 2560*1440
    Layer thickness: 0.035~0.5mm
    packing size: 55*30*30cm


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    Wanhao Printer 
    Printing Models on Display 






    Wanhao D7 V1.5 UV Resin DLP 3D Printer Introduction:


    1. Primary attributes of the technology : UV resin , DLP 3d printer 

    2. Max printing area :120*68*200mm

    3. Resin type : 405NM UV resin

    4. Software : Creation Workshop

    5. Resolution : 2560*1440

    6. Accuracy : 0.004mm

    7. Layer thickness : 0.035~0.5mm

    8. Weight  : 12kg

    9. Packing size  : 55*28*26cm

    10. Volume : 0.005 cbm

    11. Max printing size : 30mm/hour

    12. Brand Name : WANHAO Duplictor 7

      paste-pic-dp_uuid_8onzo14FEP3.jpg23.JPG5 .JPG