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      Color Print Speed: 70mm/hour
      Model Number: Duplicator 7 PLUS
      CE Certification: Yes
      Brand Name: WANHAO
      Software: wanhao slicer
      Material support: 405nm UV resin
      Max printing speed: 30mm/hour
      Accuracy: X 0.00001mm/Y0.00001mm/Z 0.004mm
      Net weight: 9.5KG
      Gross weight: 10.5KG
      Packing size: 55*30*30CM
      warranty: 1 year


      Customers need to know that no matter with free shipping or not, it does not include your country's import tax or clearance costs.
      Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.


      High Precision WANHAO D7 PLUS 3D Printer

      with cooling fan + metal steel cover + Anti - wobble upgrading Red Cover


      D7 plus banner 31 1234


      Over all view :


      Wanhao D7 PLUS UV Resin DLP 3D Printer Introduction:

      Primary attributes of the technology  UV resin, DLP 3D printer

      Max Printing speed 30mm/hour

      Max Printable area :120.96 x 68.5 x 180mm(L*W*H)

      Resin Type :405nm uv resin

      Software :Creation Workshop

      Resolusion :2560*1440

      Accurcy Z: 0.004MM

      Layer Thickness :0.035~0.5mm

      Weight :10KGS




      1)  D7 PLUS have the USB flash disk function. 

      Printer could print without computer.

      2)  With touch screen. Easy to use !DSC_0601




      Q1. Why choose us?
      We are Wanhao factory, direct supply 3d printer machine to customers, remove redundant procedures and reduce the cost.


      Q2. Our service
      If you have a technical problem , we have friendly support standing by to provide free expert care to get you and your machine back on track.


      We provide 7days/week , 365 days / year on-line service. Do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and offer email service. You should receive a response within 24hours. Our over 40 dealers all over the world are at your side. All WANHAO people are willing to resolve your problem.


      Q3. Warranty
      Warranty period is one year for motherboard since shipping date, other parts of 3D printer are for 90 days. We have an excellent R&D team and provide good after-sales service, if any problem occurred during the procession, you are free to contact us for help.


      Q4. Product advantage

      Why choice Wanhao i3 3d printer?
      Our 3d printer offer is :
      A.Stable quality 
      B.High printing speed  3d printer
      C.Easy for operation 
      D.Competitive price 
      E. Vivid printing photo


      Q5.  What is the application of 3D printer? 

      a. Family 
      3D printer only takes you the price of iPhone, ready to print a surprise for the children.
      You can help your children print toys in one piece or assembly, which is an amazing parent-and child game promoting the your guys' feelings. It can also cultivate the child's interests and DIY ability, which is much better than all day indulging in online game.

      b. School & College 
      For students in developed countries,CNC and 3D design should be common basic skills, 
      but in the past several years, many schools and colleges could not afford the costly 3D 
      printer&materials. With the FDM patent expired, our machine come out and is the best 
      choice to solve this problem.

      c. Advertising/Craft/Gift Company 
      Can provide customers with creative gift printing services.

      For many SMEs, especially mold manufacturing enterprises,3D printer can save large 
      cost when printing sample to test the effects of the design. Although desktop 3D printer 
      can not reach the accuracy of Industrial-level one, as long as taking appropriate post
      processing, it can basically achieve the desired effect. Desktop 3D printer is definitely a 
      cost-effective product

      e. Personal Lovers/ Enthusiasts; Researchers 
      Whenever inspiration appears, you can use this 3D printer to print anything you want.

      Wanhao Printer make your idea come true
      Printing Models on Display


      Q6. Guidance and software upgrades

      1. Video guidance for 0 starter.

      2. Free software upgrades.

      3. Professional  after-sell service.