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      CE Certification: Yes
      Brand Name: WANHAO
      Color Print Speed: 10-70mm/s
      Model Number: I3 PLUS
      Product name: Digital Prtiner
      Print head: MK10 single extruder
      Printing Material: PLA ABS PVA
      max Print speed: 70mm/s
      Max printing size: 200*200*180mm
      platform holder: plastic holder
      filament diameter: 1.75mm
      Layer Thickness: 100 Micron- 400 Micron
      product size: 40*41*40cm
      Rail locking system: plastic screw up

      WANHAO I3 PLUS with high performance and affordable price desktop metal 3d printer with 10m filament free as gift


      Customers need to know that no matter with free shipping or not, it does not include your country's import tax or clearance costs.
      Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.



      WANHAO  3D Printer I3 PLUS

      General Property  
      Interface SD or USB2.0 printer
      Max Printing Object Size 200*200*180mm
      Extruder  mk10 3D printer extruder
      X,Y Axis Positioning Resolution 0.012mm
      Layer thickness Minimal 0.1mm
      X,Y axis max speed 5000mm/minute
      Z axis positioning resolution 0.004mm
      Z axis max speed 1000mm/minute
      Software Replicator G or Wanhao maker 2
      Printing Material PLA, ABS 1.75mm
      Input power 110V-220V
      Frame Extreme XV Rock Steel structure 
      Input format STL, Gcode
      Product dimension 40x41x40cm
      Packing dimension 50x48x30cm
      Weight 12kg
      Material Support  PLA PVA
      Material Size 1.75mm filaments
      Material size requirement 1.75+-0.1mm
      Temperature Sensor thermocouple temperature sensors

       Basic View


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      Printing sample

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      Comapny profilewhite logo     WANHAO has involve in 3D printer filed since early 2011. Several Roommates used all their pocket money and bought one Thing-O-Matic from Makerbot. This precious awesome machine brought these college students great enthusiasm in 3D project making and help these buddy build their dream. On 1st Oct WANHAO Replicate the Thing-O-Matic and named it DUPLICATOR ONE. This 1st Generation Made In China 3D printer has combined most of the advantage of RepRap and Makerbot, and upgrade the extruder to Non Block one.  
           In June 2012 WANHAO has invent it's 3D printer with LCD displayer which is now called REPLIATOR TWO. This is geat step that free your computer that you don't have to print while keep your computer running. Just a simple SD card will do all the rest job. 
           In Aug 2012 WANHAO decided to join the world market to help more people to get access to the most awesome printing robot. WANHAO is delicate to supply most affordable and stable 3d  printing machine for people who like MADE IN CHINA.