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    Brand Name: GEEETECH
    Model Number: Geeetech A20M 3D Printer
    CE Certification: Yes
    Color Print Speed: 120 mm/s (max)


    Geeetech A20M 3D printer, adopting open source GT2560 control board, delivers mix-color objects and greatly enriches your 3D printing life.

    Keeping the good performance of Geeetech’s portfolio of 3D printers, it aims to provide users with quality printout and satisfactory printing experience.

    The modularized design makes it easy to build the printer in 3 steps.

    Its classic blue and black color combo imparts a touch of simplicity and excellence, embodying Geeetech’s commitment to quality products.

    With its build volume as 255*255*255mm³and the classic Prusa I3 3D printers’ gantry structure, A20M makes the best of the building platform and enables you to view the printing details in 360°. 

    Printing at the accuracy of 0.1mm, it delivers objects with smooth surface finish, clear angles and strong structure.

    Besides, A20M comes with filament detector and break-resuming capability, greatly enhancing your 3D printing experience.

    Its well-designed extruder greatly reduces the risk of clogging or leaking. 

    A20M extruder cover features 360°ventilation design, greatly enhancing the dissipation of heat and guaranteeing excellent printing quality.

    A20M extruder motor uses a gear train of 3:1 speed ratio, amplifying input torque and improving your printing experience.

    Adopting the modularized design for extruder wiring, A20M makes it easy to exchange the wire.

    The V-shaped wheels and rails on each axis, made from wear-resistant aluminum profile, could, in a large measure, reduce the printing noise and offer you a quiet 3D printing environment.

    A20M uses silicon carbide glass as its printing platform, greatly enhancing the adhesion of first layer and making it so easy to take down the print.

    In addition, A20M control board supports auto-leveling, an optional add-on. Just connect the auto-leveling sensor and adjust the related parameters. Saving the efforts of manual leveling.

    Geeetech EasyPrint 3D host software provides a straight-forward platform for you to control the printer and complete the slicing process. Easy and convenient for both beginner and pros.

    Combined with 3D Wi-Fi module, A20M invites you to enjoy the convenience of cloud 3D printing solution, via which you could enjoy 50,000+ free 3D models, cloud slicer and remote control over your printer on EasyPrint 3D App.

    This self-developed App is responsive and user-friendly.


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    Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Very good printer.


    High quality goods, the last audit, the seller is very sociable, answered all questions.


    Serious and reliable seller. Excellent post-sales assistance.


    My husband is delighted, only one upset the glass is not present. And so protested, everything is super. The seller sent glass for the printer, everything came whole. Definitely I advise this product and the seller! From the printer in delight, already did a lot of things. Take it will not regret. The seller is sociable. Help with any questions!


    Excellent Product, print quality flawless, the mixer color works egregiously, packaging excellent and received in just 2 days from Germany