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    The flashforge inventor is fully enclosed to maximize the printing success rate by creating a stable temperature inside.
    This also protects children from sticking their hands into the work area during prints.

    The dual extruders move along the x/y axis via belts, and the heated bed raises and lowers, which takes care of the z plane.
    It has a maximum build of 230x150x160mm.


    Product Description

    FlashForge Inventor Bullet Points:

    • Fully¬†assembled.¬†No¬†setup.
    • 3.5-inch¬†touchscreen¬†panel.¬†Just¬†four¬†taps¬†to¬†start¬†printing.
    • Filament-run-out¬†detection.¬†Always¬†successful¬†output.
    • WiFi¬†Connection.¬†Wirelessly¬†control¬†your¬†printer.
    • Resume print when a power failure occurs.
    • Built-in camera to monitor the printing process on APP when you away from the printer.

    Key Specifications:

    • Printing Technology:¬†FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
    • Build Volume: 230 L X 150 W X 160 H mm
    • Layer Resolution:¬†0.1mm-0.4mm
    • Extruder Quantity: Dual



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    Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

    When you place the order, ‚Äčplease kindly leave us a message about what specification of power and plug you need.