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      Precision DLP Resin Creality DP-002
      3D Printer for Jewelry and Dental


      Customers need to know that no matter with free shipping or not, it does not include your country's import tax or clearance costs.
      Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

      When you place the order, ​please kindly leave us a message about what specification of power and plug you need.


      Machine Advantage:

      • High precision, focus on Jewelry, Dentistry.

      • Cost wax process can be used to make gold, Silver Jewelry , more effective and beautiful than manual .

      • Special stripping method, can avoid product damage effectively. 

      • Interface is very simple, easy to learn.


      Product Parameters:

      Molding Technology: Digital Light Processing

      1. Light source:Industrial projector

      2. Build Size:128mm×80mm×170mm

      Product Size:380mm×320mm×700mm

         Speed:2~8 seconds/Layer

      3. Wavelength:405nm

      4. Z-axis Jacking System:imported guide rail+High precision Screw Rod

      5. Layer Thickness:0.005-0.1mm(The Max. Accuracy is 0.005MM)

      XY Accuracy:0.078MM(It changed by the build size)

      6. Data input Format:STL

      7. Printing Materials:Photosensitive Resin & Casting Resin

      Colors of the Resin materials:Green & Red & Yellow

      8. Printing Method: contact to the PC

      Operating System: Windows,

      Working Temperature:10-38 degree


      Voltage:can be adjusted from 100 to 240V,50-60HZ,10A


      9. Machine Weight:About 25kg