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      Model Number: CR-2020
      CE Certification: Yes
      Color Print Speed: Normal: 100mm/s, Limit: 180mm/s
      Brand Name: CREALITY 3D
      Modeling Technology:: FDM
      Layer Thickness:: 0.05-0.4mm
      Nozzle Diameter:: Standard 0.4mm(can be changed to 0.3/0.2mm)
      Filaments:: 1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber
      Software supporting :: PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design
      File Format:: STL/OBJ/G-Code
      Printing Method:: TF card/ On Line / Off Line
      Layers Software:: Cura/Repetier-Host
      Gift:: Filaments +Hotbed +SD card +Tools
      Printing size:: 200*200*200mm


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      CREALITY 3D Printer Higher Accuracy CR-2020
      Industrial Full Metal Assembled
      3D Printing Size 200*200*200MM


      Printer Details:




      Product Specifications:

      Model CR-2020
      Frame Patented technology, a unique high-precision aluminum.
      Molding  FDM
      Number of Nozzle  1
      Print Size 200*200*200mm
      Layer Sickness  0.05~0.4mm
      Off Line Print  Support SD card and USB connect to computer
      LCD  Yes
      Print Speed  Normal<150mm/s
      Nozzle Size  0.4mm.  0.2,0.3,0.6,0.8 acceptable
      Nozzle Temperature  Room temperature to 250 degrees
      Support Material PLA,ABS,HIPS, Flexible,Wood,PC,Nilon,etc
      Printing Material Diameter  1.75mm
      Recomand Material PLA more better
      Software Language English 
      Support File Format  STL, G-Code
      Machine Size 370*370*510mm
      Machine Weight  17.5Kg
      Package Size  470*470*720mm
      Package Weight  25.5KG
      Voltage Input110-240v output24v
      Operate System Windows,Linux,Mac
      Operation Language English 
      Environmental Requirements  10-30℃, humidity 20-50%