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      Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro 3D Printer



      Max Nozzle Temp:


      Maximum Print Speed:

      300 mm/s


      5015 Cooling Fan

      Build Volume:


      Nozzle Type:


      Extruder Type

      Upgraded All Metal

      Dual Gear Direct Drive


      Upgraded 4.3 inch Touchscreen

      Bed Levelling:

      Auto Sensoring

      Cable Management:

      Integrated Cable Design

      Build Plate:

      Dual Sided Magnetic PEI Plate


      Customers need to know that no matter with free shipping or not, it does not include your country's import tax or clearance costs.
      Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

      Sidewinder X3 PRO Best Budget 3D Printer Fast 3D Printing High Speed 3D Printing High Temp 3D Printing

      Printer Features: 

      Faster 3D Printing Experience

      * Artillery3D Marlin Firmware Upgrades. With the maximum print speed of 300mm/s and the acceleration speed of 3000mm/s²,

      * the Artillery Sidewinder X3 PRO presents you a fast 3d printing experience with ensured quality

      Artillery3D Sidewinder X3 PRO 3D Printer Fast 3D Printer Best 3D Printer For Beginners


      Upgraded Extrusion Unlock More Materials

      Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder

      More Accurate Extrusion and Great for Printing Flexible Material. Artillery Self-Developed all metal direct drive extruder with dual gear set, provides the 3d printer with a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, making extrusion more accurate and printing flexible material easier.

      Artillery3D Sidewinder X3 PRO All Metal Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder High Temp 3D Printing Flexible Material 3D Printing

      300°C Volcano High Temp Nozzle

      The all-metal hotend with large melting zones ensures the Sidewinder X3 PRO is capable of high-speed and high-temp 3D printing. Unlocking more 3D printing applications by meeting your need for printing strong filaments like Nylon, ABS, Carbon Fiber, ASA, PC, etc.

      Efficient Cooling System

      With the 5015 cooling fan added, the upgraded cooling system for Sidewinder X3 pro will cool prints quickly at a higher speed and help you get beautiful layering. Say goodbye to warped prints and hello to the intricate designs and flawless results.


      Users Friendly Upgrades

      Smart And Precise Auto Bed Levelling

      Artillery3D Sidewinder X3 PRO features 49-point auto leveling with an inductive sensor to detect and compensate for unevenness in hot bed. This precise and smart technology makes it easy to get a fantastic first layer.
      Artillery3D Sidewinder X3 PRO 3D Printer For Beginner Easy Bed Levelling Inductive Sensor

      Upgraded 4.3 Inch Touchscreen

      Enjoy an intuitive user experience with precise control, streamlined workflow, and real-time monitoring. Simple and clear operation interface with minimalist interactive design. Smoother swiping and scrolling.

      Artillery3D Sidewinder X3 PRO Touchscreen 3D Printer Accessories Easy 3D Printing

      Multiple Detail Designs, Handy and Creative

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      Customer Reviews

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