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    Dual-Axis Turntable,Fully Automatic, High Precision,Rapid Scanning

    Product Introduction

    High-precision industrial vision sensor and lens, modular and extensible machine design and full-automatic two axis turntable;
    One click to achieve different sizes and precision of 3D scanning;
    Ultra thin turntable, three second opening and closing of the integrated folding body;
    Small space occupation, convenient packaging and storage;
    Multiple working distances available, fresh cable management, magnetic suction installation, plug and play.

    Ultra-thin turntable
    Ultra thin double axis turntable, a new benchmark in the industry

    Connect to the 3D Printer seamlessly.

    Super dual axis
    Fully automatic two axis turntable, one-click to achieve 3D scanning of different sizes and precision.

    Full automation
    Turntable automatic splicing.

    Super expansion
    Multiple resolutions and multiple precision, you can combine them to meet your demands.

    Extreme speed scanning
    It only takes 3 minutes for turntable scanning.

    Technical Parameters



    Scan Mode Auto Rotary Scanning, Free Scanning
    Collage Mode

    Rotary Table Auto Collage, Mark Point Collage, Manual Collage

    Scan Precision


    Scan Range (Fixed Type)


    Scan Range (Professional)


    Scan Speed


    Color Mode

    24-Bit True color, Support for texture export and import, Texture segmentation edit modification

    Output Format


    Sensor Resolution

    3M Industry CMOS

    Coded Transmitter

    LED Cold Light (Eye Safety)

    Shooting Distance


    Working Temperature


    Machine Size


    Machine Weight


    Adapter Voltage

    DC 12V ,5A

    Maximum Load Bearing of Rotary Table


    Computer Configuration

    OS:Windows7(64 bit)CPU:Intel i5


    RAM:4GB min GPU:NVIDIA GTX650 min.


    Technological advantage

    Building block expansion

    Multi-resolution Multi-precision Combination on demand

    Ultra-thin two-axis turntableNew industry benchmark

    Hidden line position

    Say goodbye to the hanging cable, annoying little tail

    Ultra-thin double shaft

    Second fold

    Easy assembly

    Magnetic positioning 1 second in place


    The following video shows example of SP 3D Scanner.
    It is not the Wiiboox Reeyee SP 3D Scanner, it is only to give you an idea of how 3D Scans work. 
    We will provide soon our video for the Wiiboox Reeyee SP 3D Scanner.  Let us know if you have any questions.