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    Brand Name: Anet
    Model Number: Anet ET4
    CE Certification: Yes
    Fliament: PLA
    Voltage: 110-220V
    Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    Bed Temp: 100℃
    Maximum Printing Speed: 100mm/s
    Printing Speed: ≤150mm/s (recommended speed 30-60mm/s)
    Slice Software: Cura
    Power Supply: /
    Interface Type: SD
    Color Print Speed: ≤150mm/s (recommended speed 30-60mm/s)
    Maximum Working Speed: /
    Maximum Print Size: 220*220*250MM
    Consumables Diameter: 1.75mm
    Precision: ±0.1mm
    Operating System: Windows/Mac
    Slice Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
    Language: English/Chinese
    File Format: STL/JPG/OBJ
    Diameter Temp: /
    Molding Technology: FDM
    Auto Leveling: YES
    Model: Ultra Silent TMC2208 ET4
    Type: DIY
    Nozzle quantity: Single
    XY axis moving speed (max): 0.012mm
    Z axis moving speed (max): 0.004mm
    Printed object size: 220*220*250
    Print speed: ≤150mm/s (recommended speed 30-60mm/s)
    3d printer: 3D Printer DIY kit
    Impresora 3d: Ultra Silent TMC2208 ET4
    Warranty: 12 months warranty


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    Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

    Anet ET4 Impresora 3D Printer DIY.
    The difference between the regular model to the Pro model is:
     Precision, Higher Quality and Ultra Silent TMC2208  


    The Anet ET4 is all-metal FDM 3D printer that made of industrial grade 32bit motherboard and comes mostly assembled. It supports auto-leveling, resume printing and filament detection and comes with a more stable and compact construction design. ET4 is the professional 3D printing solution that you can afford.


    ✅Ultra Silent with TMC2208 Stepper Drive
    Got TMC 2208 stepper driver version (up to 256 real micro-steps) 

    ✅Automatic Bed Leveling
    Auto-leveling frees you from time-consuming and labor-intensive leveling tasks.

    ✅Power Outage Recovery
    Resume printing and recover from exactly where it left off. No worries about unexpected power outages.

    ✅Filament Detection
    Filament detection that detects the filament end and sent reminder to avoid air-printing.

    ✅Automatic Filament Assignment
    Automatic load and unload the filament with just a click.

    ✅Assembled In No Time
    With modular designed units, you will be able to quick assemble your ET4 on your first try in 10min.

    ✅Integrated Modular Design
    Integrated, modular design with terminal pinboard for connection ports, covered wires and a more sleek appearance.

    ✅Designed With Safety In Mind
    Designed with safety in mind. The embedded thermistor and heater on the extruder are specially fixed.

    ✅2.8-inch Touch Screen
    2.8-inch LCD full-color touch screen for easy operation.

    ✅Well-Made All-Metal Frame
    ET4 is built to last with high strength aluminum frame. Enclosed metal unibody design enables a more stable and rigid structure with compact size.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Great. Sdek brought the courier, handed in. Everything is perfectly packed, box without dents. Collected for half


    Everything works, prints well, expected the worst) the printer for this money is good)


    The order went 5 days straight to the door. Packed in box in foam cells Super. Seller recommend.


    Came cdek OM. In a week. The box is whole inside a bunch of everything. Instruction and software on the flash drive. Included tool, flash drive card reader, cable for computer and in rose.10 meters plastic. We will collect)))


    Came quickly, packed well until checked